Naming Conventions

November 24, 2018

Pascal Style aka Camel Back

This style is most popular amongst Microsoft developers these days, however its roots come from the early days of programming when Pascal was king. The nick-name of “Camel Back” comes from it’s apearance when implimented. As variable names are often made up of several words squashed together, Camel Back notation marks the beginning of each word with a capital letter to improve readibility. There are some slight differences between Pascal Style and Camel Case, mainly that Camel Case always starts with a lower-case letter and capitalizes each subsequent word, where-as Pascal Case capitalizes the first word as well.

Personally, I started developing using Camel Case and held on to this habbit for many years, it wasn’t until I started working with Linux more that I drifted away from it. This is where you start to discover the major con of this convention, the capitals themselves. With Unix based systems everything is case sensitive, meaning weeklyReport.php is not the same as weeklyreport.php or WeeklyReport.php.

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