As a supporter of Open Source I will be making many of my projects public for others to learn from as it was due to the sharing of others that I was able to make them happen.


The Arduino platform has deep roots in the Open Source world and it’s greatest strength is the speed at which you can develop your “hacks” because of all the example code and libraries they offer on their site. So it only makes sense that I share everything I develop on the Arduino.

The Chronobox
The Cat Water Fountain and Feeder

My cat refuses to drink water from a bowl and always begs for me to turn on the faucet so he can have a drink. I’m currently sketching out some ideas but it should consist of a small water pump, an infrared sensor to detect the cat and I may take it a step further and dispense food automatically at certain times of the day.

  • Canceled
Aquarium Control System
  • A control system for all of the lights, heaters, air pumps in my various fish tanks. Will also monitor water levels and temperature. Everything will be linked to a web panel that allows me to monitor the levels and possibly have a live camera feed of the fish.

    Coming soon

Yogurt Maker / Souis-Vide Cooker

I’ve been wanting to try cooking sous-vide so when I realized the yogurt maker I was building could easily be made to do both I got a little excited. Before I knew it I was writing a menu program to run on an old Nokia LCD I had lying around and taking apart everything in my kitchen trying to find the perfect heat source.

  • Incubating Trials (Coming soon)
  • The LCD Menu (Coming soon)
  • There Goes My Kitchen (Coming soon)
  • Heat Source (Coming soon)

PHP Fusion “Infusions”

I’ve used PHP fusion as the core for several websites I run and over the years I’ve developed many custom modules for PHP Fusion v6.x. I never got around to porting them to v7.x but it should be a very simple task if you follow the documentations on their site. I no longer develop sites using PHP Fusion so I consider these to be abandon-ware, but if anyone upgrades them to v7.x please let me know as I’d love to provide them here.

  • Advertisement Panels (coming soon)
  • Advanced Photo Gallery (coming soon)
  • Business Directory Module (coming soon)
  • Recent Events Home Page
  • iSpy (coming soon)

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