Browser Wars Windows

“Suggest” an IE6 Update

I found an interesting site today, one who’s sole purpose is to squash the plague known as Internet Explorer 6 once and for all.  Not only is it responsible for breaking our beautiful CSS layouts but helps propagate all the malicious spyware, adware and other worms the have infested the Internet.  This script encourages users […]

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iPhone Firmware and Baseband Versions

Here you have it, the complete list of iPhone and iPod touch firmware versions available for download. Enjoy Device Version Baseband IPSW iPhone 2G 1.0 03.12.06_G iPhone1,1_1.0_1A543a_Restore.ipsw iPhone 2G 1.0.1 03.12.06_G iPhone1,1_1.0.1_1C25_Restore.ipsw iPhone 2G 1.0.2 No download available iPhone 2G 1.0.2 03.14.08_G iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw iPhone 2G 1.1.0 No download available iPhone 2G 1.1.1 04.01.13_G iPhone1,1_1.1.1_3A109a_Restore.ipsw iPhone […]

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Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 Upgrade – On VirtualBox

I’ve always been somewhat skeptical about doing my distro upgrades, as I’ve ended up with quirks afterwards. Instead, I always set up my installs with a separate /home and /var partition so I can just reinstall the main file system. So naturally, when upgrading to Jaunty Jackalope from Intrepid Ibex on my virtualized session of […]

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