Disable the iPhone’s Repeat Alert

The iPhone has one default feature that drives just about everyone mad, the repeat alert. It causes the phone to give you an audio reminder of your new text message up to an additional two times if you don’t go and read it right away. I can see some cases where this many be handy, […]

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List All the Installed Packages in Ubuntu

Sometimes you just can’t remember what packages you’ve already installed, or what version you are currently running. Thankfully you can quickly find out this information from the command line. You’ll find that there is far too much information returned by this command and the only way to find exactly what you need is to grep […]

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Windows 7

Upgrade Windows 7 RC to RTM

So you decided to try out Windows 7’s Release Candidate and you’re already dreading the day it expires and you have to format your computer and start fresh.  You were probably disappointed to hear that you couldn’t upgrade your Release Candidate to the full Windows 7 version once it came out.  Thankfully, you were being […]

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