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Today I wanted to tell you guys about a wonderful game called Influsent (aka SanjigenJiten (aka SanJiten (aka 3D Dictionary))). Influent is the language learning game with an identity crisis. It was born of a Kickstarter, like everything it seems these days, and raised $28,086 out of it’s $12,000 goal. Apparently people don’t care if […]

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Educational Software

Gamify Your Life with HabitRPG

For the last year I’ve been really into the idea of using software for self improvement. I’ve been studying Spanish daily for the last year using Duolingo and Memrise, and I had a good two months of guitar practice out of Rocksmith and have seen considerable gains in both. So whenever some new program like […]

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Lost Logitech H600 Dongle

A while back I bought a Logitech H600 headset and I have used it almost every day since. I use it for VOIP calls, language learning and gaming or sometimes just because it’s late and I don’t want to wake anyone up. So when I discovered my dongle had vanished I was quite upset. I […]

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