iPhone 3G vs 3GS Parts

I was recently fixing an iPhone and the new LCD connector just wouldn’t pop on. Initially I thought I was shipped the wrong part but did not discover until I found the following image that it was the correct part and the person who’s iPhone I was fixing had actually given me the wrong model […]

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Clearing the DynDNS Updater Log

DynDNS’s updater utility keeps a log of every time it has pushed a new IP to their servers. Since I have a shoddy internet connection I use this to log how many times I’ve disconnected each day and when it happened. Occasionally I need to access these logs and reset them after making tweaks to […]

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How to Use Netflix USA in Canada

Not happy with Netflix’s selection here in Canada? Looking for a way to use Netflix USA without having to use a VPN? Well, it turns out there is a way that’s pretty simple and just about anyone can set it up. All you need is a bit of familiarity with networking and your router. So […]

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