PHP Programming

Dynamic Variable Names in PHP

Anyone who has spent a large amount of time programming in PHP has probably used it’s dynamic variable name feature at least once. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it’s usages I will give a quick example: The above is a method I often use to make sure that all POST or GET […]

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Antec Dark Fleet DF-35 Review

Lately I’ve been thinking about replacing my case with something a little more lightweight and more modern looking. However I was in no rush to do so until the moment I first saw the Antec DF-35 sitting on the top shelf at a local computer shop. I was so intrigued by it’s unique looking design […]

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JavaScript’s Modulus “Bug”

I recently encountered an issue that caused me a bit of confusion. JavaScript was not calculating a modulus in the same manner that Windows Calculator or Visual Basic was. At first I had thought this to be a bug, but after doing a bit more research I discovered that it was actually giving the correct […]

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