Tablet PCs

Acer C100 TravelMate Tablet PC

The Acer C100 TravelMate tablet pc, which debut in 2002, was a welcome addition to the laptop industry. It converted flat with the ability to use the Wacom/2 pens and write on it as you would a notebook pad in your own handwriting. The overall dimensions of the Tablet PC were 9.9 x 8.2 x […]

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Linux Technology

Clash of the Titans – The Android Beats the iPhone in the U.S. Market Battle

According to the latest market research conducted by The NPD Group, handsets equipped with Google’s Android operating system have snatched second place in the U.S. market, leaving iPhone behind in third place. The figures for the first quarter of 2010 show that Research in Motion’s BlackBerry holds 36% of the market, the Android phones hold 28%, and the iPhone comes in third with 21%. So, how did the Android OS manage to overtake iPhone?

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Desktop Linux

Ubuntu’s Latest Release: Lucid Lynx

Last week saw the release of version 10.04 of Ubuntu Linux, also known as “Lucid Lynx”. This latest version of Canonical’s popular Linux distribution includes a number of improvements over this already incredibly user friendly operating system. Ubuntu has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the easiest Linux distributions to install, if not necessarily […]

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