Electronics Repair

Nintendo Wii – Partial Teardown

Had to tear apart my Nintendo Wii to fix a loose connector that was causing some DVD drive issues. Decided while I was at it I’d test my new camera rig and bring you all along for the ride. Brad FettesA seasoned Senior Solutions Architect with 18 years of experience in technology design and implementation. […]

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Logitech LS21 Speakers Review

My old four point surround speakers blew awhile back. Since then I’ve been living off the two half watt speakers that are built into my Acer AL722 LCD monitor. They aren’t bad speakers, for that wattage, but they lack a sub and everything sounds a bit hollow. So I’d been reading reviews on different speakers […]

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Roomba 530S Serial Port Mod

Since the Roomba 530S does not come with it’s programming port exposed I had to do a slight modification in order to get it ready for hacking. Equipped with a 1/2″ spade bit and some masking tape I carved out a hole for my serial tether to plug into. Parts: A Roomba 530/560 A 1/2″ […]

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