Fixing Wp-dbmanager’s Database Visibility Error

September 11, 2011

I’ve been on a bit of a new plugin craze as of lately, started searching for people’s favourites and came up with a few good ones I had not seen. Today I tried out wp-dbmanager, which I may have never noticed due to it’s non flashy name. Despite it’s non flashiness it definitely does what it promised and a whole lot more than what I had expected. In addition to automating database backups and optimizations it also gives me direct access to my WordPress database and a query editor saving me from having to log into phpMyAdmin. But despite all this plugin’s strengths I was a bit peeved by the following error popping up everywhere in my admin panel:

Your backup folder MIGHT be visible to the public

To correct this issue, move the .htaccess file from wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager to /wp-content/backup-db

Sounded simple to me, but I got snagged when I found there was no .htaccess file in that folder. I also was stumbling over not noticing that backup-db was two directories down from the wp-dbmanager not one, but that was my own carelessness. What needed to be noticed was that there was an .htaccess file it just was not named .htaccess as the error message indicated. Rather the file was called htaccess.txt, which completely slipped past my scans of the directories looking for it. It wasn’t until I was about to give up that and just deal with the error (as the folder was not visible from the web anyways) and then I noticed it. So the correct line you’d need to run from the wp-dbmanager folder is:

mv htaccess.txt ../../backup-db/.htaccess

Once that’s done, refresh your admin panel and the error should be gone! Now you’re free to use the power of this impressive plugin without being nagged to secure that folder!

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