Pokemon Diamond – Delete Saved Game

December 26, 2010

It’s not often that I talk about video gaming on here but that’s only because I usually don’t have time to play games. With it being the Christmas holidays I had some time to kick back and play with my DS, which I haven’t played in over a year. I bought Pokemon Diamond when it came out and got about 30 hours in and just set it down and forgot about it. I’ve had the urge to play it again so I wanted to wipe my old save, as I don’t know what I have or haven’t done in it, so I played for half an hour and went to save but it wouldn’t let me overwrite the old one. I abandoned that game and tried to delete it from the main menu but had no luck. A bit of digging around and I found the solution:

Press and hold the following buttons:

  • Up
  • Left
  • Select
  • B

You will then be presented with a blue screen and a prompt to delete the game. Confirm that you want to delete it (twice) and after a few moments it will clear the game from memory. Once the DS reboots you will be able to start a new game.

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