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Rocksmith 2014 – Day 14

February 24, 2014

I debated not playing at all today, my middle finger on my left hand has a redish bruise underneath the skin. I’m worried it might be the start of a blood blister. But I couldn’t stay away, I ended up playing about a half hour of Scale Warriors (SW) and another half hour of Castle Chorddead.

Had a blast playing both but fell apart at the end of Scale Warriors. I started at level 2 which had me doing the pentatonic major scale. I already knew the minor scale pretty well from learning it years ago, so it came back to me really quick. I think I need to practice this scale a bit outside of SW or else I’ll just keep getting flustered.

I had some detection issues in both games. SW was the worst, which was a big part of my frustration. Castle Chorddead was good for the first 90% of the level (I started with level 2 again) but when I finally got to the boss sequence it just wouldn’t register the one G5 chord. It seemed to take them fine at other points in the boss battle but once he started a certain sequence it would no longer register. I even tried an open G chord but that didn’t register either. Eventually I had to give up on the boss and save him for another day.

That was about all my fingers could take, so I’ll call it a night on Rocksmith. Hopefully my fingers are ready for more soon, because I know I am.

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