Setting up a LAMP Server with Ubuntu Server Edition 8.04

January 26, 2009

Our first installment of the Ubuntu Server Edition series will consist of installing Ubuntu and configuring it to run as a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) server.  We will be using the Server Edition there will be no GUI installed unless you do so manually.  Since we want optimal performance, we will not be doing that today.  So if you’re not comfortable with a command line, this tutorial is not for you.

To start off you’re going to need a copy of Ubuntu Server Edition 8.04 which can be downloaded from their website or you can order free CDs.  You’ll also need a computer that has a network connection, a CD-ROM and you’ll need a keyboard and monitor for the initial stages.  Today I am using a 500mhz Pentium III computer that I’ve had lying around for years. It has 1.5gb of RAM, a 4.3gb HDD and a Radeon 8500 in it plus a generic NIC card.  Despite how old this computer is it will be able to do quite a bit of work since it wont have the overhead of a GUI and Linux is so much more efficient as a web server than Windows.

Pop in your disc, and boot up the computer.  You may need to enter your setup and configure it to boot off of a CD (or a USB stick if that’s what you’re using).

-describe install steps here-

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