Acer AL2017 Repair

Required Capacitors: Qty µF Temp Voltage Type 1 2200 105°C 10V Radial 2 1000 105°C 25V Radial 1 1000 105°C 10V Radial 3 220 105°C 25V Radial 1 22 105°C 50V Radial Recommended Tools: Small Plastic Trowel Phillips Screwdriver Robertson Screwdriver Soldering Iron Desoldering Pump or Desoldering Braid Solder & Flux Diagonal Cutters Coloured Markers […]

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Tablet PCs

Acer C100 TravelMate Tablet PC

The Acer C100 TravelMate tablet pc, which debut in 2002, was a welcome addition to the laptop industry. It converted flat with the ability to use the Wacom/2 pens and write on it as you would a notebook pad in your own handwriting. The overall dimensions of the Tablet PC were 9.9 x 8.2 x […]

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