Installing the Arduino IDE on Linux Mint

The Arduino Playground does a pretty good job of directing users on how to install Arduino on Debian based distributions but there were a couple of spots where I found it was lacking, and had to go out to do my own research. The main thing it lacked was instructions on how to set up […]

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Enabling Emacs Keybindings in Gnome

A while back I discovered a post on someone’s blog that talked about using Emacs key bindings in bash. Since then my efficiency in bash has gone up drastically as these key bindings are second nature to me. This is definitely one of those cases where you wish you could go back in time to […]

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Desktop Linux

How To Disable the Trackpad in Ubuntu

Every laptop user has experience this, you’re typing away and without noticing you graze over the trackpad and your cursor jumps to the middle of the first paragraph. By the time you notice you’ve injected half of the third paragraph into the first. After correcting that typo you find yourself doing the same thing only […]

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