Vonage’s iPhone App

October 11, 2009

Like many others I eagerly awaited the release of an app that some were saying would save Vonage. I waited in anticipation as Vonage Mobile, as they’re calling it, worked its way through the App Store’s brutal approval processes. Naturally they found something that was against policy and sent Vonage back to the drawing board. A part of me knows that app I had been waiting for died on the drawing room floor that day. What ended up making it through the second approval process was a rather twisted and unfulfilling flop.

This new app, once installed, looks beautiful. It feels natural and is easy to use. However it doesn’t do what I would expect a VOIP app to do. I have an account with Vonage, and have had one for about 3 years now. Can I use this account with Vonage Mobile? Of course not. I must create a new one and pay money into another account for prepurchased minutes (even though I have 500 a month I almost never use), and it most certainly won’t allow me to use my inbound number at all. To top it all off, they won’t let me download it in Canada so I had to download a pirated version of a free app just to find out that it wasn’t even worth it.

I’ve never been thrilled with their service, but it was dirt cheap and allowed me to call family across the country. For a year or so I’ve been thinking of parting ways with their service but have held on to my account because I had thought it would be of use again to me when the app came out, I was wrong. Goodbye Vonage!

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