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Automatically Submit Your WordPress Posts to Twitter

May 29, 2009

Find yourself constantly twittering about your new blog post to increase your SEO for you blog. Save yourself some time by downloading and installing WordTwit on your blog. All you have to do is configure your username and password and activate the plugin.

Well it seems it wasn’t quite as simple as I first thought. By default WordTwit wants to shrink your URLs by using either TinyURL or it’s own build in algorithm, which doesnt work. Since TinyURL doesn’t help me in terms of SEO I wanted to disable this feature completely. So in order to do that I first had to load up the options to WordTwit by going to Settings->WordTwit. Then scroll down to URL Shortenning and make sure Local is selected from the method drop down box. Now hit Update Options and then go to Plugins, hit the edit button next to WordTwit and look for the function call “wordtwit_make_tinyurl.” We’re going to tell it to just return the original URL for the local option. You’re function should now look like this:
function wordtwit_make_tinyurl( $link, $update = true ) {
if ( strpos( $link, 'http://' ) === false) {
return $link;
$settings = wordtwit_get_settings();
if ( $settings['url_type'] == 'tinyurl' ) {
return twit_get_tiny_url( $link );
} else if ( $settings['url_type'] == 'local' ) {
return $link;
#return wordtwit_tinyurl( $link, $update );

Now hit update file and try it out again. This time it should post the actual URL to your blog entry.

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  1. great tips. i was looking for something like this to get some backlinks automatically. thnaks

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