Chef’s Plate

October 12, 2020

I’ve previously written about our excellent experience with Hello Fresh, so today I thought I’d share our experience with an alternative called Chef’s Plate.

There’s two main reasons we decided two switch providers, the first was we’d been using Hello Fresh for some time and were starting to notice a lot of repition in their meals and were ready for a change. On top of that Chef’s Plate charges the same amount for 4 meals as Hello Fresh does for 3. So if we were just as happy with the service we could choose to save a bit of money on only having 3 meals a week, or get 4 without increasing our costs. So how’d it go?

Well so far so good! We have not noticed any major differences between the services. Even the packaging is almost identical other than it’s all red instead of green. The only notable differences are the lack of an android app, which isn’t a big deal but I did enjoy Hello Fresh’s hands free option when using the app instead of recipe cards. Other than that I’d say Chef’s Plate is more likely to include ingredients Hello Fresh would assume you have, such as cream to mix into your mashed potatoes. On the flip side they seem less likely to label their spice packets which can cause some confusion.

But all in all we’re getting the same level of service and the same quality of food for a reduced cost, and I really can’t complain about that! So give it a shot, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Not pictured: the pile of dishes left after every meal 🙂

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