The Roomba I1: When Your Vacuum is More High Maintenance Than a Houseplant

October 30, 2023

Ah, the Roomba I1. As someone who’s been on the Roomba bandwagon since the glory days of the 530S, I’ve seen it all — from knock-off Roombas that just spin around in circles to the used Roomba I bought that came with bedbugs. The 530S was like that old, reliable car that never let you down – it wasn’t flashy, but it got you from point A to B without a fuss. Fast forward to the Roomba I1, and it’s like we’ve traded in our dependable sedan for a sports car that spends most of it’s time in the shop.

The Good Old Days: Roomba 530S

Remember the 530S? That little guy was the Hercules of robotic vacuums. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles of today’s models, but it did one thing and did it well: clean your floors without drama. It was like the vacuum equivalent of a loyal golden retriever – always there, always reliable. And you know what the best part about it not having scheduling was? I never had to worry about it running over dog poop.

The Downward Spiral

Each new Roomba model I’ve welcomed into my home promised to be the next big thing. But instead of a red carpet experience, it felt more like a series of unfortunate events. It’s like going to a fancy restaurant and finding out they’ve replaced your favorite dish with something unpronounceable.

The Roomba I1: A Soap Opera Star

Enter the Roomba I1, the diva of the vacuum world. This model has more drama than a daytime soap opera.

1. The Battery Saga

The I1’s battery life is like a forgetful actor who can’t remember its lines. The Wi-Fi won’t turn off, so the battery drains faster than a kiddie pool with a hole in it. It’s like having a phone that needs to be charged every time you look at it.

2. The Dust Bin Melodrama

The I1 frequently cries wolf – or should I say, cries “full bin” – when it’s not. The passage to the dust bin is so narrow, it gets clogged faster than a freeway at rush hour. You’ll spend more time checking its bin than checking your social media.

3. Filter Fiascos

The filters on this thing are so sensitive, they could star in a romantic comedy. A speck of dust, and it’s all, “I can’t work under these conditions!” You’ll be tapping out those filters more often than a Morse code operator during a crisis.


Looking back from the Roomba 530S to the I1, it’s like watching a movie franchise that started strong but lost its way. The I1, with its quirks and demands, feels like a step back into a more complicated era, not forward into the future of cleaning. If you’re in the market for a Roomba, maybe consider one that’s more old-school reliable and less drama-queen. After all, you want a vacuum that cleans your house, not one that needs its own reality show.

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