Drone Update – Ordering Replacement Parts

May 11, 2016

After putting my quadcopter together a couple of months ago I only got a few short flights in before I managed to break some parts. I broke one landing leg, I chopped off my antenna cable (which still worked, albeit with a reduced range) and I broke and bent some propellers. In addition to that my one ESC never seemed to behave like the others so I was waiting on a replacement. In addition to that I found a good deal on a GPS so I ordered that as well.

So I ordered the parts from eBay and waited, the weather has been crappy so I haven’t missed out on much flying time but I have been eager to get it back up in the air. But with eBay being eBay it took almost 2 months for most of the parts to arrive. This week the parts started rolling in. Today a four pack of landing legs arrived, I only broke one leg but they come in packs of four and are cheap so I figured the rest would be spares. Next time I wont have to wait 2 months when I break a leg. My antenna cable came in at the end of last week and I will likely be soldering it on tonight.

Once I get all of that installed I plan on recalibrating all the ESCs since I never did do that properly the first time around. I also intend to upgrade my GCS to LibrePilot as I am still using OpenPilot. I haven’t had any issues with OpenPilot but I might as well make use of all the newest features. Lastly I need to get those damn PID settings figured out, the setttings in OpenPilot dont seem to match anything I am seeing in my research so I still need to figur that out.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I can do a couple more test flights this weekend. I will try and upload some footage if that happens.

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