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Roomba 530 Battery Replacement & Update

June 23, 2016

A while back I started keeping some logs of my Roomba’s battery life. I never did as many updates as I hoped but I’d like to come back now and talk about the battery some more. I purchased the device in June 2010 and it is now June 2016, which if you passed grade 2 math will tell you I’ve owned it for 6 years. Just this last week I put in a second new battery, meaning it is now on it’s 3rd battery. That means I’ve gotten about 3 years out of each battery, which isn’t bad. This battery should last me until about June 2019.

With both of my previous batteries they’ve worked well for a good amount of time and then completely crapped out when I left it off it’s charger for too long. In case you aren’t aware of this, leaving it off the charger with a dead battery will kill it quicker than anything. Fortunately a replacement can be shipped to my door for $42 Canadian off Amazon.ca. But either way if you make sure it always makes it back to the charging bay you shouldn’t have any issues, so if you have it on a schedule get in the habit of checking under the couches each time you get home from work!

Anyways, that’s it for now, I just wanted to give a quick update!

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