Eclipse – Repairing the Default Java Builder

September 26, 2010

For a while now I’ve been using my own custom batch file to build my project, in addition to compiling the class files it also packages it into a jar, signs it, and uploads it to my development server (as it’s an applet for a site I’m working on). However, since there’s two computers I develop on I had to create two copies of this script that were customized to each of the PCs, as one was running Windows 7 and the other Windows XP. During one of the SVN commits or updates the default builder was completely nuked, it still showed up but gave errors when I tried to use it. I tried to recreate it inside of Eclipse but had no luck, so for a while I just worked around it, however it was frustrating when I simply wanted to launch the applet within Eclipse for a quick test.

Eventually I created a new project for something else and found the builder in it worked as expected, so I realized it was project specific. So I compared the .project files and was able to correct the corrupted one using the new one as a reference. Here is an example of how a .project file should look with just the default Java builder:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

In the above example I have removed my custom builders to focus on the built in one, they would each be listed as extra buildCommand entries in the parent buildSpec node. In my corrupted copy I had several argument and trigger values that were unnecessary. Just for comparison, here is the buildCommand for my custom Windows 7 builder:


Hope this helps someone else out there! And stay tuned, as I’ll be releasing my custom build script very soon for those who may be interested 😀

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