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November 12, 2014

Today I wanted to tell you guys about a wonderful game called Influsent (aka SanjigenJiten (aka SanJiten (aka 3D Dictionary))). Influent is the language learning game with an identity crisis. It was born of a Kickstarter, like everything it seems these days, and raised $28,086 out of it’s $12,000 goal. Apparently people don’t care if you have enough money so they just give you more. I suspect this game went through several names because so many people were having trouble spitting out SanjigenJiten, I know I can’t say it.

So after watching a couple of reviews on the game I decide to fork out the $10.99 Canadian for this game on Steam. Will it be worth it? Probably not. But it looks mildly entertaining and I might add a few more words to my ever growing Spanish vocabulary.

So far after taking it for a spin for about 10 minutes I’ve added 30 words to my list, not to say that I’ve memorized them all yet, but there’s a lot of things lying around this guy’s house that I don’t know the words for. Sure, I know a lot of them but often it will offer you another word for that same thing that you didn’t know, so it’s an opportunity to learn that word. But beyond that it doesn’t look like it gets into any sort of sentence structuring (aka grammar) but then again I don’t really expect it to. It’s just a silly little game that will hopefully teach me ten dollars worth new words.

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