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Gamify Your Life with HabitRPG

November 10, 2014

habitrpgFor the last year I’ve been really into the idea of using software for self improvement. I’ve been studying Spanish daily for the last year using Duolingo and Memrise, and I had a good two months of guitar practice out of Rocksmith and have seen considerable gains in both. So whenever some new program like HabitRPG comes along that helps me improve myself I just have to check it out. This one is a bit different, it’s really just a to do list. It’s up to you to input your goals, tasks and rewards but it gives you the addictiveness of gaining experience points, leveling up, earning and spending money and all that additive game play. It’s available both through your browser and on Android.

After setting up my avatar (to look as much like me as possible) I started entering any tasks I could think of. I immediately entered Memrise and Duolingo as daily activities, along with a few other hopefuls. As the night went on I kept adding things to my habbits, to do list and daily activities. Before I knew it I had tons of things to do!

Of course now I had to enter some rewards to make me want to do these chores. So I setup an hour of StarCraft 2, a glass of whisky and a Joe Loius as my rewards. Still not sure of how fast I would be earning gold I just entered a few arbitrary prices. Since I had just picked up a new mop and cleaning supplies earlier today I went to work washing the bathroom and kitchen floor. That wasn’t enough gold yet so I did a Memrise lessons followed by several DuoLingo lessons and checked them off. Alas, I had earned 5 gold so I poured myself a glass of whisky.

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