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Repairing Windows 7 Boot

October 22, 2010

Having problems with booting Windows 7 can be a nightmare for some to solve. No one wants to suffer from problems related to being unable to boot up. Yet, errors do occur which can create this nightmarish scenario. Rather than having to scrap your Windows install and start fresh, Windows provides the option for creating a system repair disc that can eliminate all the aforementioned problems. Here is how the process works:

First and foremost, insert a blank DVD into the computer’s drive as this will be the disc used for your repairs. Click on the Start icon and type the words “system repair disc” into the appropriate search box. This will immediately open up a new window. Once the window is opened, you will need to select the proper drive and also select the Create Disc function. Once you do this, the process will start automatically and the disc will be formatted so that it may be used as a boot disc.

Should you find yourself unable to boot Windows 7, you will now have the ability to boot off the System Repair Disc and either repair it or if you are unable to do so you will at least be able to backup your files before installing a fresh copy of Windows 7. Yes, it is as simple as that!

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  1. Sensational!
    I always had a system repair disk. But it was downloaded form MSDN or so and so I treasured it. Didn’t know it was that easy. 🙂
    Big thanks!

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