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Resolving Eclipse’s “Unable to resolve target ‘android-17′” Error

December 13, 2013

I’ve recently gotten back into Android Development and when I fired up my old copy of Eclipse I had to work my way through a series of errors to get it up and running again. In my first post I ended up having to do a fresh install of the SDK and when I did so I selected all of the components selected by the course instructor, which naturally didn’t match up with some of the older instructional material I had worked with. So when I went to open up some of my old projects I got the following error:

Unable to resolve target 'android-17'

So I went to Window – > Anroid SDK Manager and looked for Android 1.7, but alas after Android 1.6 there’s a jump and it goes to 2.1 and continues on from there. After enabling Obsolete packages from the menu I still did not see an Android 1.7. It was only then did I notice that in addition to that numbering system that they had an API level, and next to 4.2.2 was API17. Now I was pretty sure that 4.2.2 was what I was using before, as it matches the version on my phone, so I installed the components under API17 and tried building the project again, and it worked!

So try not to get confused by the numbering system. When you get this error you’ll want to drop the decimal and that will give you your API Level.

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