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Rocksmith 2014 – Day 1

February 11, 2014

After getting the game installed and the special guitar to USB adapter installed I started off by playing a few songs. Having not picked up my guitar for almost 2 years I did not expect much in terms of my own performance. Add to that the fact that I had never really played the electric guitar before (I’ve owned one for about 5 years but when I played I always reached for my acoustic guitar). So when I scored 2.6% on the first song I was not surprised.

I played that song again and got a slightly higher score. I blame much of the initial struggle on the upside down fret board and not always being sure what it asked of me. However after a couple of hours of playing that all started to make sense to me and my scores were constantly better at around 10%.

After playing several songs I decided to go into the lessons section and watch the first few. I was shocked to discover that after you get past the first couple they become interactive and you get to practice them right then and there… awesome! So I then spent the next hour practicing the rift for the shifting section and had a good handle on it by the end of that hour.

At the end of the session my fingers were getting quite sore. I’ve acquired and lost the finger callouses you get from playing many times so this was nothing new to me.

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