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Rocksmith 2014 – Day 2

February 12, 2014

After getting the software installed the previous day, today I was able to jump right in and start playing. I spent a couple of hours working on some songs before moving over to the Lessons section and practicing the next lesson. I found scores were up about 10% higher than day 1, so it was nice that I could already see some progress (though I don’t expect it to continue at that rate).

I then moved on to the Guitarcade and had a blast playing Scale Warriors. I was a huge Double Dragon fan when I was a kid so I had some major nostalgia going on while playing this game.

As much as I enjoyed Scale Warriors I will say that you need to have your scales down pat before playing this as you won’t have fun learning it on the fly. I was already familiar with the pentatonic major and minor scales and had practiced them a lot back in the day but found I was a bit too rusty to get the most out of that game and decided I will start off by warming up on my scales solo before diving into Scale Warriors again.

After that I played a bit of String Skip Saloon, which was just okay and then I moved on to the duck hunting game which I found incredibly frustrating and boring.

By that point my fingers were aching again so I decided it was enough for the day.

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