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Rocksmith 2014 – Day 12

February 22, 2014

Spent the day going back and forth between cleaning and playing Rocksmith. I started off with a few tries at REM’s Losing My Religion. I was recommended a lesson on fret hand muting so I did that and found it pretty tricky. After that I went back to the song and worked on the main chorus in riff repeater.

Since I have a mission to do the Session Mode and play with the drums I spent a good 20 min messing around in there but for some reason couldn’t get the mission to complete. I thought maybe it was because I added a keyboard and rhythm guitar so I dropped it down to just the drums but still nothing. Oh well, still don’t feel ready for the session room yet anyways, though I am getting more confident in my pentatonic minor scale.

I then had a blast playing some Castle Chorddead for a while but I found the F5 chord really strained my left hand. My carpal tunnel is bad in that hand so once I finally beat the first level I called it quits for a bit.

While waiting for the advil to kick in I watched a few videos of other people playing Losing My Religion but they were mostly from the rhythm perspective so I didn’t get much out of them. I did find a video of someone playing the same song on Rocksmith 2014 at full difficulty so that gave me a good idea of where things were going but still no real clue on which fingers to use for which notes.

I also ended up ordering some guitar parts today. I needed new bridge pegs for my acoustic and they were only $3 on Deal Extreme so I got those and since I couldn’t resist the deal I got a set of strings for $2.52 and also a new electric pickup for $10. Once all that comes in I’ll get my old Ibanez acoustic up and running and will start trying some rhythm lessons on RS2014.

After that my girlfriend came over and I spent the night with her. I did sneak in a good half hour of Return to Castle Chorddead while she was in the shower. Since I was still playing when she got out I showed her a bit that mini game and then showed her Scale Warriors too. She was happy to see that I was having fun and making some progress with the guitar.

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