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Rocksmith 2014 – Day 13

February 23, 2014

Got a bit of a late start today. The girlfriend stayed over and we ended up spending most of the day together. However she did have to take off around dinner time and then I dove into Rocksmith and worked some more on Losing My Religion. The game immediately picked up at a very high difficulty, probably because I was doing one part in Riff Repeater last time and I worked my way up to a higher setting. So I turned on Riff Repeater again and slowed it down. After working on the solo at the beginning and a little turn around at the 5th position I started working on the whole song at a speed of 50 and about 90% difficulty.

After several time through I thought I had it down so I went out of Riff Repeater and got creamed at full speed. I thought I was ready, but the solos were very difficult and the only part I could really handle was the E and A chords and by the end of it I had the Dm down pretty good. I couldn’t quite get the strum going right and the extra note on the G string that you added in was way too much at full speed. But surprisingly I got it at 49% my first try, which was my best score yet. So I played it again and got it up to 51% which I was really happy about. All of my other songs are only up to about 25% at this point so that’s some good progress.

After getting this far I decided to take a break and left the game or a while. I carried on with some videos on YouTube of others playing the song and got some confirmation that my fingering was correct and a bit of a preview of what was to come when I got to full difficulty.

I also got looking at videos of some DLC that was available and ended up buying the Green Day pack. There was only really one song in there I wanted (Basket Case) but I’ll probably learn the others too. They’re okay songs, just not my favourite Green Day songs that I’d hope to learn like Time of Your Life (which was a song I almost mastered years ago but barely remember now). So I’ll have to snag what I can off of Smithy’s Anvil before it’s down for good or else I might not ever get the chance to play these songs in RS2014.

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