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Sitecore – Copy, Clone and Duplicate, Oh My!

November 21, 2018

Sitecore is a powerful CMS and at times it can be overwhelming in terms of how many options it presents us with. I recently covered the topic of Copy vs Duplicate, which is a more commonly asked question as they both reside in the right click menu, but there is another option hiding under the Configure ribbon called Clone. I don’t know about you, but the nuances of those three options wouldn’t be immediately apparant to me

Clone – creates a dupicate of the item and it’s child items however unlike copy or duplicate the cloned copy is linked to the original item. This means when you change values on the original item, whether it be presentation details or field values, it will be reflected on the cloned copy as well!

Copy – Creates an exact copy of the original item and it’s children in a destination you specify. From there one they exist as separate entities.

Duplicate – Creates an exact copy of the original item and it’s children in the same node you currently have selected. From there on they exist as separate entities.

That’s it! Personally I tend to never use Clone, and I know many of our trainers recommend the same as it can often be confusing to the user. However duplicate and copy I use often, more so duplicate. For me duplicate is a very handy one because if I have an item with numerous child items, it can be much faster to duplicate a node and rename everything than it is to keep right clicking and going through the insert menu.

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