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Sitecore 9 – Duplicate vs Copy?

November 19, 2018

Occasionally I am asked by co-workers or clients “What’s the difference between Duplicate and Copy?” And I’ll admit, the first time I was asked I did not know. I had been using copy quite frequently but never noticed the duplicate option. It turns out it’s not a redundant option but something that can be rather handy. Duplicate will make a copy of the item in the same node of the content tree that the selected item resides in, and will only prompt you for a new name. Copy, on the otherhand, will not only ask you to give the new item a name but it will also ask you where you want to put the new item. Both of these options are recursive and will copy over any subitems in the process. However duplicate will save you a couple of clicks if you’re copying to the same folder!

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