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Ubuntu Goes “Light”

June 2, 2010

A new diet soda? Not quite. Canonical has developed Ubuntu Light featuring a new user interface called Unity, which will be used in the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10. Ubuntu’s new “Light” versions will allow “instant-on” dual booting. Which, for the user, translates into the ability to access the Web in less than 10 seconds; 7 seconds to be precise.

Ubuntu is already known for being a fast-booting Linux-based operating system, but its developers have taken it to a whole new level. According to founder Mark Shuttleworth’s most recent blog post, the new “desktop experience codebase” called Unity will give all future versions of Ubuntu greater speed and a fresh new look in terms of desktop configuration. The goal is to give users access to the apps they like to run more often. In Monday’s blog post, Shuttleworth says, “the web is the key, and there may be a few complementary capabilities like media playback, messaging, games, and the ability to connect to local devices like printers and cameras and pluggable media.”

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