Fettes Programming Solutions, or FettesPS for short,  is a leading web design and development company in Canada offering a full range of web development services to local and global clients seeking to reap the benefits of the Internet.

Why Are We Successful:

We believe in open source programming.  This means that rather than reinventing the wheel with each project we incorporate prewritten modules into each of our projects.  What this means for the client is that not only do we save you money by cutting down development time, but we increase the overall stability of the final project as each of these modules have been extensively tested and debugged on their own.

What We Offer:

Our primary focus is developing applications that are accessible anywhere, at any time.  Every computer has a web browser and they have reached a leve of sophistication that allows us to run robust applications within our browser.  Our dynamic and database driven web applications allow you to access your data whether you’re at home, at the office, or sitting on a plane with your Black Berry of iPhone.

Technologies We Use:

Although we primarily focus on developing PHP/MySQL powered applications, we have an extensive amount of experience in the following technologies:

JavaScript MySQL PHP

We also offer a large number of pre-packaged solutions that we can have up and running for you in minutes.

  • eCommerce Shopping Carts
  • Order and Invoice Tracking
  • Credit Card Processing via PayPal
  • Content Management System
  • Dynamic Photo Galleries
  • Web Traffic Reporting and Analysis
  • Blogs
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Integrated Search
  • Integrated Web Chat (IRC)
  • XML/RSS Feeds
  • Back-end Administration Panel
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Eager to learn more about what we have to offer?  Then contact us today!