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June 2, 2009

Update: If you are looking for instructions on how to get rid of Bing please read the article How To Uninstall Bing

I noticed an interesting trend today when looking at they keywords searched that lead people to my site.  The majority of them were regarding Bing, and not one of them was positive.  Looks like people just aren’t very happy with Bing.

Search Term
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i hate bing
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but its not google
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ubuntu pure ftp account disabled

bing and google searches
disable bing.com
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  1. Most of it is the IE6 users who had their default search (or was it the homepage? something like that) forcibly updated to Bing, at the same time as a bug was introduced that prevents people from changing it back. I’m currently experiencing an immense wave of schadenfreude.

  2. The keywords that lead to your site will be more a representation of its content, as opposed to general consensus. Still, interesting that people are searching for these things.

  3. Adding to Grunties comment, they remove the IE6 default search capability on my company workstation and now there’s no way to get it back. I need my original configuration returned to it’s previous state to support corporate standards, or IT support says my only alternative is to reimage the computer. I don’t care how wonderful it is. You don’t hi-jack computers without asking permission and providing no way to back out. Great going Microsoft. I hope you all rot in hell.

  4. bing has taken over as my search and I did not ask for it nor want it. I do not believe any co should have the right to simply install an unremovable product oh anyones computer. I just want to get it off and use the search engine of my choise. If anyone know how to remove it please let me know

  5. Bing is fine?? I love it so far…Who the hell has this many complaints about their search engine? Geez…Bing does things Google, Live, nothing has done. It’s very nice.

  6. Bing is not a smart search in the real sense. M$ seems to have signed up to a bunch of affiliate programs and when you do searches on products, the shamelessly promote those in the search results. Meaning… as a user that knows that TIgerDirect or NewEgg are much cheaper than most of the affiliates that microsoft tries to push, it’s kind of frustrating to see BS results in the listing.

    Furthermore, all the product comparison stuff they were talking about in the demo video are very specific to only a few types of products. A very limited subset in fact. Doing a search for “digital cameras” on bing gives me a breakdown menu on the left. Doing a search for “computer graphics cards” or other stuff in the like, gives me a regular search result with no breakdown. Most of the Bing features they advertised rarely show up in regular day-to-day searches.

    For all those people that claim they like bing, you must be Yahoo! or LiveSearch refugees. Bing is nothing more than a crappier google search. If you include google’s other searches (i.e. trends, squared, code, etc), Bing is nowhere near ripe for the marketplace.

    Admittedly they spent a ridiculous amount on marketting, which is the only thing that seems to be working in its favor at the moment. Most of the hype about Bing is just marketting.

    As for people complaining about IE6 search issues, please remember the rule. “The only thing IE should be used for is to download firefox”

  7. How do I get rid of this BING crap? I’ll make yahoo.com my home page if I can not get this junk off!!!!!

  8. I just now noticed Bing and compared it to Google and I will stay with Google. Now, how do I get rid of Bing.

  9. Tell me again, why do people still use IE, and why do they have Automatic Updates enabled?

  10. I hate bing, this bing is stupid, someone please email me how to remove the bing of my dam broweser, I want google and google only, I really feel like swearing up in this mutha email me at info-at-confiencemodels.com and show me how to only have google on my firefox default search.

  11. bing completely sucks. i don’t know how it got onto this computer–i installed ms messenger and i guess it hijacked my search. anyway i am trying to remove bing as a default search tool and so far i can’t figure it out. very low, microsoft!

    i want google, bing sucks. anyone who says bing is worth anything must work for microsoft.

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  12. I HATE this Bing Crap. Why did you update me to bing with no permission. I want my google search back, NO damn Bing craps.

  13. “This issue is not impacting IE7 and IE8 users.” OH HOW THEY ARE MISTAKEN – but what else is new.

    I also just installed IE8 from IE7 and Bing just won’t go away!!!!!
    I prefer Yahoo, but it doesn’t matter which search engine YOU WANT because BING has decided it for you.
    When I attempted to change the default this window pops up:

    Internet Explorer – Search Provider Default
    A program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider setting for Internet Explorer.
    Internet Explorer has reset this setting to your original search provider, Bing (www.bing.com).
    Internet Explorer will now open Search Settings, where you can change this setting or install more search providers.

    You can’t change the default in the IE add on manager – nor delete it.
    You won’t find it by using search for files & folders.

    BUT it IS IN the registry – using the regedit, I searched for ‘bing’ and found several items. Although I am an above average user and have a good amount of experience working with the pc/windows environment, but I’m still uncomfortable changing the registry.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  14. Bing sucks. AND EVEN MORE SO, as a website owner I have used their webtools. Bing is NOT FOLLOWING Meta Tags of Noindex, nocache, AND it isn’t following robots.txt as I can see it has pages I have set offlimits accessible under webtools. BING SUCKS. Bing does not follow robot rules!

  15. you motherfuckers at microsoft just need to make garbage like this so you can say you’ve earned your paycheck. Take this shit off my pc NOW!!!

  16. I to want to get rid of bing. I would expect Obama’s AG to file antitrust charges, immediatly.

  17. I also HATE Bing – send it where the sun don’t shine !! give me Google, Yahoo whatever NOT Bing !!!

  18. This is total crap! These suckers just hijack everyones computer. I just bought a new PC….It makes me want to throw it in the trash and buy an Apple! Maybe they are in business with feebay…lol! Total scum bags! This is not the right way to push their product……I don’t care if it’s the best……………….I will NEVER use it because of this BS!

  19. I dont mind the search part. I can’t stand the fact that it opens a new tab everytime I click back to my homepage. My taskbar search is set to Google by default and BING did not hijack it. People just do not pay attention when they updated thier computer. It asked and you clicked yes so blame yourself. I just want it to stop opening new tabs.

  20. This works for Firefox users.

    Copy either of the urls below. You will use it to get rid of Bing.

    First choice:

    This will pull up Google “Browse by Name” (Automatically takes you to sites with a clear match, else performs a Google search)

    Second choice

    This takes you to Google Search (Google search results page)

    Now that you have the url for the Google search you want,
    type about:config in search bar. Click on the I promise to be careful box. Type keyword.URL in the filter box. Highlight then right click the keyword.URL showing in the results. Click modify. This will pull up a string value box for the keyword.URL. Paste in your choice!! Close Firefox and open again. Hope this helps.

    I used the second choice. It worked for me. Good luck!!

  21. Tell me how to get rid of Bing.
    It has taken over and I want to get rid of it NOW!

  22. Bing sucks ass! I am too the point that I am so tired of Microsoft screwing with shit that I am close to switching over to another operating system just to get away from Microsoft and their forced bull shit!

  23. It’s easy to remove Bing, all you do is click on Tools/Internet Options. On the general tab select settings (next to Search). The bottom left has a link to “find more providers”, from there you can choose google or whatever you want. Then make that your default. After you have a new default you can remove Bing.

  24. The problem is that I don’t want to have any of these search providers…so Is there a solution to get rid of this shit, Bing.com?

  25. I hate Bing, and I really hate the way they force it on you. I managed to make google my default homepage but I can’t seem to shake Bing as my default search engine. Come on Bingsters, do you think this is going to make people like or HATE your product?

  26. Bing Blows.
    And Bing doesn’t obey robots.txt
    It is indexing and cahcing images and pages explicitly listed on our robot.txt exclusion list.

    And the webmaster tools do not give you an option to help them out by deleting these pages.

    Bing BLOWS.

  27. Did I ask for BING? No I did not! How about being invited, if asked? How did Bing hijack my system anyway?

  28. I have been using msn as my home page for about 15 years I am not sure that I like bing, But has not invaded my computer. All you have to do is go under toolbars and take off the windows live toolbar

  29. i updated to windows 8 and bing appeared an d took over my computer all i wan t to know is how to git it off my computer,its like a BAD VIRUS,it refuses to let me remove it as a default or as a search provider,IT IS AN INFECTION FOR MY COMPUTER EVERY PAGE I START I HAVE TO CORECT THE SEARCH ERROR ITS REDICKULAS.

  30. Well I guess we know how Bing got to the number 2 spot all of the sudden. Bad ass Ballmer or is that big a&& must be mighty proud of his software pirates. They said it was with those who used IE6 – well I have used IE8 since it came out – so why was I getting hijacked right and left – and still DO when I’m doing a google search… AND if I don’t put in www on some websites, I get redirected straight over to Bing. Their commercials are true about their own product, Decision Making Tool? What kinda joke is this. And hey, I have friends at MSFT and while I love them very much – this inability to hear customers, speak with customers or take feedback from customers has only gotten worse. Google is big brother but I’d rather have a big brother than a big BULLY on my pc…. Shame on you Microsloth. SHAME SHAME SHAME. Bring back Bill. Get rid of Steve.

  31. Bing is not good, it has to many pop ups and i dont even use so so hoe do I remove it…

  32. Been a bata/RC tester of all things Redmond for years (grew up with it since the devil incarnite “Millenium edition. Vista can burn hotter than the very fuels of hell. Win7 may be nothing more than what Vista was meant to be, but it still took MicroHoo years to get it right. The best they have done is win95 to 98 2nd edition. It still sucks in a lot of ways though. Virtualization will be the next big thing. Win7 may be able to take this, but XP will starve with nothing to offer.

  33. Bing is a Virus!… Some how we have to make bing pay for hitjacking computers. How Can we ever trust microsoft again. They are PITATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ever since “bing” forced it way onto my laptop I am having extreme trouble with click thru’s.
    Anyone having the same problem? I have wireless connection that was lightning fast until “bing” came along. Now my computer freezes up and does not down-load pages. Many times I have to go to my task manager, shut down the application I am in and re-sign on to my homepage several times to get the thing to click thru to another page. Suggestions?

  35. I wouldn’t mind if when I updated to Explorer 8 that bing was added as an optional search engine and not forced as the default. when ugrading to Exp 8, it said the settings would not change (my original is Google). I am not even willing to try bing since everytime I change it back to google, the next time I get online, something has put bing back as the default. And the option to remove it is greyed out. If Microsoft is NOT responsible for this virus, they better come up with a solution anyway to keep the faith, otherwise, I am getting rid of everything that is Microsoft. F’ng bastards

  36. Bing? OMG, it has hijacked my computer more than once, redirects to overclick.cn and all I get is ads, crap, instead of my requested info. I had corrected this at the end of last month and there is BING AGAin!!!! And whn it does provide search results, it is poor at best! So here we go again, spending hours trying to regain control of my PC; thanks Microsoft.

  37. I’ve tried everything suggested here to rid Firefox of its Bing default. But even when the instructions are clear enough to be followed, nothing works for me.

  38. To all those that are complaining about bing taking over their searches: Why aren’t you using Firefox??? In addition to being much more secure and faster, you can customize it, automatically block ads, prevent unwanted scripting, preview web pages before clicking to them, etc…..
    The only thing I’ve ever used Internet Exploder for is to download Firefox.
    If you don’t like Firefox, try Opera, Chrome, or even Safari. Anything is better than IE. And safer to use, too.

  39. “To all those that are complaining about bing taking over their searches: Why aren’t you using Firefox???”
    First noticed this bing crap in firefox tried to do a google search and bing returned the results, I am ranking bing around the same place as 1800search for search engines that I want to use, and the firefox fixes listed did not work for me

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