Cleaning the Roomba’s Dust Filter

July 2, 2013

Though the Roomba will clean your floors for you, it won’t clean itself afterwards. In order to keep your Roomba running at it’s best and keeping your floors their cleanest you will have to do a bit of maintenance on it every now and then. I’d recommend cleaning the dust filter in it after every second or third full cleaning cycle. This is a very easy task however getting the little dust filter looking brand new can be a bit difficult if you don’t know the trick to doing it. Through a little bit of ingenuity and a bit of luck I discovered the trick.


Before cleaning the dust filter we must do a typical post-clean cleaning of the Roomba. Follow these steps to get your Roomba ready for action:

  • Flip the Roomba over and pull out it’s particle bin while holding it over your garbage can
  • Carefully shake out it’s contents into the garbage can
  • Open up the bottom section of the particle bin and empty it’s contents into the trash can as well
  • Carefully pop out the dust filter and set it aside
  • Finish cleaning out the particle bin and set it aside without the dust filter installed
  • Remove the brush deck module and clean the beater brush as well as the bristle brush
  • Comb the bristle brush with the Roomba cleaning tool (if necessary)
  • Reassemble the brush deck module after it is free of all debris and reinsert into the Roomba
  • Insert particle bin (without the air filter) into the Roomba and set the unit aside

Cleaning the Air Filter

Now that you have cleaned the rest of the Roomba to working order we’ll give the air filter a good cleaning since it will not perform it’s best otherwise.

  • Run the hot water on your faucet until it is at it’s hottest
  • Remove any heavy debris you can with your fingers and place into the trash
  • Hold the filter with it’s dirtiest side down under the hot water slowly moving it back and forth
  • After the majority of the filter is cleaned massage it with your fingers to get the rest of the dirt out
  • Turn off the water and rest the filter over a fan or something else that will give it good air flow
  • Let dry for a couple of hours

Putting it all Back Together

Once your air filter has dried we can put it back in.

  • Remove particle pin from the Roomba
  • Open the bottom compartment and re-insert the filter
  • Close the bottom compartment and re-insert it back into the Roomba
  • Place Roomba back on it’s charger or plug it in

Your Roomba is now ready for action once again!

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