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How To Get Your Drupal Site Out of Maintenance Mode

March 14, 2011

After getting hit with some serious forum spam I put my one Drupal site into maintenance and forgot about it for a couple of weeks. When I came back to update it to the newest Drupal version I found that I had been logged out and no longer got a menu with it in maintenance. I knew that in WordPress I could add /wp-admin/ to the URL to get to a login screen but I didn’t know the equivalent for Drupal.

To log into your “under maintenance” Drupal site simply append /?q=user to your address


From there you can log in and take your site out of maintenance mode, or apply whatever tweaks you need to perform.

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  1. This isn’t working for us. I get this:

    Oops! There’s been a problem with Drupal 6
    403 Forbidden Request

    You failed to provide the correct username and password to the server when asked. You can try again, if you wish.
    You can use the following links to:

    Go back where you came from
    Visit the site’s front page

    If you are this site’s administrator, you may also:

    Administer Drupal 6

    Anything else I can try? I also can NOT open a MySql window. The site was set up to be done via Drupal…and there are multiple virtual this, a JumpBox that etc…so I can’t access the actual database.

  2. you seem to know alot about drupal and I have tried to get help from them no prevail. maybe you can help. I just did up grade to 7 and seems to look like it wiped out my website now. It goes to my site and then there is nothing but what looks like , to develop a site. not sure and not a website developer so i am in a panic and our web developer doesnt support. any ideas? thanks in advance

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