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How To Include My Computer on your Windows 7 Task Bar

October 18, 2010

No one wants to have to minimize all their windows so they can hunt around their desktop for the My Computer link. Thankfully, you can easily include My Computer as a menu on your taskbar so you can quickly jump to any of your drives. Adding a My Computer to the task bar is extremely easy and here is how you do it:

Go to the task bar and right click on it. This will reveal several of options and you will want to select the Tool Bar menu. Once you do this, you will have the option of clicking on New Tool Bar. Upon doing this, the next step will entail locating the particular folder you are most interested in. Obviously, in this case, you would be looking towards the My Computer icon. When you find it, select it and then click on the Select Folder option.

As soon as you do this, you will immediate see the My Computer folder directly in the task bar. As soon as it is in the taskbar, you can access with little more than a simple click. From this, you can then access all the many different subfolders in your computer with relative ease. Why fish around for your My Computer folder when you can just locate it on the task bar? Again, the process is easy and worth taking the time out to perform.

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