New Raspberry Pi Case

October 24, 2012

I know, I know, not the most exciting news in the world… But I just got my laser cut acrylic RasPi case in the mail today. After attempting to build my own case from the box it came in (and failing) I caved and ordered this one from tbo.apple on eBay for a total of $8.90 USD (shipped). At that price I just couldn’t resist!

All in all I’m very happy with it, but it was a tad tricky to get together. It just comes in a stack of freshly cut acrylic and after peeling off the protective plastic layer you then have to put it together like a bit of a puzzle. If you’re like me, that’s half the fun, but if you want something that is ready to use out of box this one may not be for you. I only had to fiddle with it for about 20 minutes while watching Dexter and after a few mistakes I had it together. Unfortunately the snap aren’t keyed in a way that won’t let you put something in backwards. This means you’ll get it all put together and realize one section is not facing the right way, and the whole thing kinda falls apart once you remove one of the side pieces. I also realized you basically have to build it around the Raspberry Pi rather than just dropping it in later. It is a very tight fit. But once it’s all assembled it looks stunning!

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