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Performing a Factory Reset on a Rooted Sony PRS-T1

October 30, 2014

A while back I rooted my PRS-T1. It worked, but a lot of the apps I tried to install did not. About the only real benefit I got out of it was having Dropbox on it, it made for wireless uploading eBooks. But beyond that it just got in the way. 99 times out of 100 after booting the e-Reader I would just fire up the “Home” app which started the Sony software that normally loaded by default on the reader. Then eventually I got this weird bug where I’d go into the Sony software and I would not see any of my books. A reboot would fix the issue but it was just another annoyance. So I decided I’d had my fun with rooting it and was going to factory reset the device.

I found a great video that detailed the steps on how to reset the device. After shutting down the device you’d boot it up again while holding the > and Return buttons. After it booted it up you have to wait for “Loading” i the top left to disappear. At that point you could release the right button (Return) and tap it once then let go of the other button. Unfortunately it did not work for me.

After trying a few times with no success I had any idea, so I tried it out and it worked. The trick with a rooted device is as soon as the Android desktop loads you want to tap the Home icon with yet another finger (because you’re still holding the two buttons at this point). If you time it right the Sony home screen will load before the “Loading” status clears and at that point you can release, tap and release. At that point you will finally get the prompt to Factory Reset. Press yes, wait for the device to shut down and then turn it back on. Your device will now be restored to it’s factory state.

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