Installing the Arduino IDE on Linux Mint

The Arduino Playground does a pretty good job of directing users on how to install Arduino on Debian based distributions but there were a couple of spots where I found it was lacking, and had to go out to do my own research. The main thing it lacked was instructions on how to set up […]

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Desktop Linux

Linux Mint Debian Is A Piece of Shit

There are a number of different operating systems today based on the latest Linux kernel, and because Linux itself happens to be open source, anyone can monopolize on the concept and create their own Linux distribution, Ubuntu being one of the distros that rose from the dust of the once great Debian. Debian was an […]

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Setting Up Ubuntu to Use Google’s DNS

With the blazing speeds offered by Google’s open DNS servers there is absolutely no reason to not use them. Setting up your Ubuntu or any other Debian based Linux distribution to use these DNS servers is incredibly easy. I will be showing you the command line method as it will work on both your desktop […]

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