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Windows 7 Hotkeys

November 15, 2009

A handy cheat sheet of all the Windows 7 keyboard combinations:

Windows Key + Tab = Aero Switch (keep holding Windows key and press Tab to cycle)
Windows Key + E = Windows Explorer
Windows Key + R = Run Command
Windows Key + F = Search
Windows Key + X = Mobility Center
Windows Key + L = Lock Computer
Windows Key + U = Ease of Access
Windows Key + P = Projector
Windows Key + T = Cycle Superbar Items
Windows Key + S = OneNote Screen Clipping Tool (requires OneNote)
Windows Key + M = Minimize All Windows
Windows Key + D = Show/Hide Desktop
Windows Key + Up = Maximize Current Window
Windows Key + Down = Restore Down / Minimize Current Windows
Windows Key + Left = Dock Current Window to the Left
Windows Key + Right = Dock Current Windows to the Right
Windows Key + = Magnifier
Windows Key + Shift + Right = Moves Current Window to the Monitor on the Right
Windows Key + Shift + Left = Moves Current Window to the Monitor on the Left
Windows Key + [1-9] = Launches the corresponding program in the superbar (going left to right)
Windows Key + Pause = Open System Info

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  1. I recently installed Windows 7 on one of the spare system I had and trying to learn , Though there is not
    much to learn but again I want to get familiar with every thing before I will start using it and these
    Short cuts will be very useful for me.
    Though lots of them :”(

  2. A couple of other very handy ones I use…

    Windows Key + Shift + Right = Moves current window to monitor on the right.
    Windows Key + Shift + Left = Moves current window to monitor on the left.
    Windows Key + [1-9] = Launches the program in the superbar (going left to right). I’ve used the top row of numbers, not 100% sure if this works with the number bad.

  3. Thanks, I was aware of the Win+[1-9] but forgot to add that one. Was not aware of the multiple monitor one but had been wishing such a feature existed (as I’m used to using UltraMon for such features). I will add these to the list!

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