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October 2, 2004

I stumbled upon a site called CodeToad today, in itself its a handy page — lots of different scripts available. However I nearly bit my tounge when I saw this one.

This script is written in ASP 3.0, and it set up to work with an Access database, however it is quite easy to make it work with any other database. You can easily Add, Edit or Delete records, as well as Cut, Copy and Paste through drag and dropping. Very handy little script, and very well written.

Last summer I spent countless hours trying to write a datagrid script like this, from scratch. It was a feature I was accustomed to in and could not find a prewritten script anywhere… and believe me I tried. I finally gave up on writing my own, due to the issue that I was running low on time and knew that I could just use to make one. However almost a year later I find myself stumbling upon something I had searched so hard to find… Go figure.

So in case I find myself needing this again, or some visitor of this site should like to make use of it, here is the link.


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