Bing.com Traffic Analysis

June 2, 2009

Update: If you are looking for instructions on how to get rid of Bing please read the article How To Uninstall Bing

I noticed an interesting trend today when looking at they keywords searched that lead people to my site.  The majority of them were regarding Bing, and not one of them was positive.  Looks like people just aren’t very happy with Bing.

Search Term
disable bing
i hate bing
bing google
bing sucks
but its not google
ubuntu custom apache2 404 page
how to disable bing
bing … all this hype and it sucks
bing or google
wordpress bing submit
get rid of bing
who is bing.com
bing is stupid
get rid of bing
dont want bing how to remove
i don’t link bing
ubuntu 8.10 upgrade 8.10 to 9.04 is it safe?
is bing any different than google
stop bing window
what i bing
don’t not want to use bing
i hate bing search
bing and google
ftpd ubuntu 8.04
uninstall bing
bing doesn’t list my website
bing pros cons
bing impressions
background of bing.com where is it?
don’t want bing search
ubuntu pure ftp account disabled

bing and google searches
disable bing.com
bing.com background
how to remove bing.com
bing search suggestion link
i hate bing browser
what is bing.com
how to remove bing search
ubuntu 9.04 pure data install
how to disable bing search

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  1. I can’t set other add-ons like yahoo or google as the default. The default is stuck as the bing.com and I cant remove it.

  2. I find bing highly unreliable, its search results are rarely close to what I am searching for and its predictive capabilities are terrible. Half of the time when I accidentally do a search on it by typing in the default window. I find I have to repeat my search in google to actually get what I’m looking for. The sooner bing dies the better.

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