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How to Enable or Disable Aero Peek in Windows 7

January 31, 2010

Aero Peek, which is also known as Desktop Preview, is a new feature in Windows 7 that allows you to quickly hide all the windows open and view your desktop. It can be activated by clicking the Show Desktop icon at the far right of the superbar or by holding the windows key and hitting space.

Aero PeekDesktop Preview is a new feature in Windows 7 which is otherwise also known as AeroPeak (Desktop Preview is a feature enabled by Aero Peek desktop enhancement function). Desktop Preview allows user to temporarily minimize all open windows and make open windows transparent in order to preview what is on desktop when user place the mouse pointer to mouse over the “Show Desktop” bar on the far right end of the taskbar.

Illustration above shows the effect of Desktop Preview, where user mouse over the Show Desktop (without actually clicking on it) on the far end of the Windows Taskbar.

  • Right click on the Start button and click on Properties
  • Select the Taskbar tab
  • Uncheck the Use Desktop Preview checkbox
  • Click OK

Desktop Preview is now disabled. If you would like to re-enable it, simply follow the same steps again making sure to check the Desktop Preview option this time.

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