How To Uninstall Bing

June 9, 2009

So you woke up one day, turned on your computer, and opened up your web browser to find that your home page had been changed to Bing.com. You’re outraged, annoyed, and frustrated. Don’t be. It’s a simple process to set it back to which ever search engine you prefer.

Before we start, I would like to explain to you how you’ve ended up with Bing instead of the search engine you are used to. Microsoft deployed a new version of Internet Explorer (IE8) over Windows Update, and by default it had its homepage set to Bing.com. This means that if you had it set to automatically install updates for you, or manually chose to upgrade, after you were done you had Bing.com set as your homepage.  It is also possible that you were using Microsoft’s Live Search as your search engine which was replaced by Bing.

Now that we have that out of the way, here is how you set your homepage back to your prefered engine.  For these examples I will be using Google however you are free to use you’re favourite.
Bing Removal - Step 2

First start up Internet Explorer, if your home page comes up as Bing.com immediately then you need to change the default engine.  If you are only getting directed to Bing after searching from your search bar then skip to the next part of this guide.

Bing Removal - Step 3

Bing Removal - Step 4

On the main menu, select Tools and then Internet Options.

Bing Removal - Step 5

In the highlighted box you will see that your home page has been set to http://www.bing.com, simply change that to your desired engine and hit OK.  Now if you need to change the default engine for your search bar, click the drop down arrow next to the magnifying glass and you should see Google in that drop down list.  If not, you will have to hit “Find more providers…” and select it from the page you are presented with.

Alternate Method:

Since a few people have been unsuccessful with the method above I wanted to provide antoher method that will work on any browser.  Open up My Computer and go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and open the file hosts.  It should ask what you want to use to open it, just select Notepad.  Then add the bottom add: www.bing.com bing.com

Now save the file, and restart your web-browser if it is still running. Now when your browser tries to go to Bing.com it will be directed to Google instead.

That’s all there is to it, you are now free of Bing!

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  1. I was livid when I set out on my quest to get rid of Bing. Not being a fan of anything american I went at this Bing with a vengeance. I could not see where msn/sympatico had hidden their wares. I tried to uninstall on the actual web site. No Luck, so after going to all the obvious place, I then went to the least obvious. I went to Favouritesat the extreme left of my google bar. Opening favourites, I had a ball deleting everything which had a butterfly attached. Well I got rid of Bing. I may have got rid of other items I didn’t need to get rid of, but at least I don’t get Bing on my screen. And just who do they think they are ? I paid for my system and if I don’t like it I have the right to removal and if they don’t like it, let them take a running jump into the Straits of Georgia. And I do not like the way msn are muscling in to beat Google into second place.

  2. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I was so upset and couldn’t get Google to work as my search engine and I was in tears. This was VERY helpful. Thank you again. 😀

  3. I use Firefox and MSN.com has my homepage. Checked and MSN.com is still my home page but the bing thing is by the search bar and that and its search engine is what I would like to go away. I still have IE ( and it has msn.com still as homepage) and it does do updates but it usually asks lets me choose what I want. It updated without asking I guess. Any one have any answers for Firefox-Thank you

  4. I was not able toget rid of bing this way. I can change the homepage but when I search it comes up bing. help

  5. To Denis Parsons: Um Google is American and so is Microsoft. Both of which you seem to be using.

  6. Bing annoys me to no end. Facist MS didn’t even ask me. Putting it in my blocked lists.

  7. Bing should go in the bing cannot get rid of it I want my bt yahoo home page back

  8. everytime i try to go to hotmail it directs me to bing and i tried everything i cant get back t my email. i havent checked my inbox for a few days now. its annoying !

  9. I only use Firefox. Today I noticed when I mis-type a word into the URL box instead of FF suggesting the correct/best fit website, I get Bing. How do I fix FF and get rid of the Bing garage from MS. This is why I use anything but Microsoft whenever I can.

  10. I have no idea where this crappy search engine came from, but it should be illegal for something to take over one’s computer like this. This engine is absolutely the worst I have ever encountered.

  11. Pam,
    I so agree with you. Fascist pigs have no place on our personal computers. Web or no web, we are still entitled to our privacy.

  12. Bing ties up my computer and prevents me from searching sites I want to visit. It stinks. I was happy before but now I am sad. lo

  13. P L E A S E — If you found a way to remove Bing, let the rest of us WHICH METHOD worked. Reveal the sender of the successful method so the rest of us (the slower ones) won’t have to try all of them.

    Which method worked?


  14. I was able to put Google as my search engine, however I noticed i I try to login to Myspace, it goes dirctly to the bing search page. No mater if I search in google and try to get to myspace, I can still see Myspace come up for flash, then right to bing.
    I don’t know what else it has blocked or hijaked.
    I tried your suggestion to type in http://www.bing.com bing.com, however, it will not let me save. Do I name it something else like host 3? I already have host and host2.

  15. The reason it wont let you save is most likely because you are not an admin user. As for the MySpace thing, no idea. I haven’t been to MySpace for years nor do I intend to ever go there again.

  16. ld give us a choice before they make changes to our internet and compiuter choices. I am still unsure what they are talking about a magnifing glass and a pull down menu.

    I really prefer macintosh because they don’t force things on me.

    I do not like bing at all

  17. I tried to gain access to my hotmail, and from every browser I opened I kept being redirected to BING. I was really angry. Thank you sooo much for your advice. I followed it step by step now I am BING free!!

  18. I just wanted to thank you for saving my sanity. It really annoyed me when my search was repeeated hijacked!!

    Just a note this did not work for me the first 2 times I tried it. The 3rd time was the charm I also used Spybot S&D to lock the hosts file on that attempt. Works great now


  19. Thanks for your help Scottie! The “B” in Bing stands for the “Borge”.

  20. How do I get rid of this monster? I hate getting things that I have not requested on my computer/

  21. My browser defaults to yahoo, but I get this popup box that takes me manage my add ons. In there, it says bng is the default search engine. How do I get rid of this very annoying box from popping up?

  22. There’s probably a plugin in the update that needs to be uninstalled to remove “bing” completely. I know google ran betas for a LONG time before going “gold” but…microsoft is pushing a service that is no doubt not completed. Though I’m not sure why anyone would ever use internet explorer versus firefox…

  23. Thanks for the info. Bing SUCKS!!!! Who did the pre-release tests, the Samsonite Gorillas? Bing hits are nonsensical so I have to run GOOGLE to get the good hits. I have repeatedly sent requests to MSN asking how to disable BING and all have been ignored. GREAT SERVICE MSN!

  24. I tried your alternate method to get of bing, and it didn’t work. I did all you said to do, but evidently when I clicked save after typing in the numbers, I guess it didn’t save it. Do you have to click ‘save as’ instead?

  25. Folks, there is an easy solution to this problem. Under IE8 –> Tools –> Manage Add-ons –> Search Providers, select the hyperlink “Find more search providers…” It will open a window with other search providers with Bing the top choice 🙁 You should find Google on the 1st page. Click the button that says “Add to Internet Explorer”. Remember to tick the box for making it your default search provider. Once Google is added select Live Search and simply Remove it.

  26. The real solution to this problem is switching to opera, firefox, or chrome.

  27. Used KeyMaster’s method of deleting Bing. It works. I couldn’t find a way of deleting Bing at the end but it comes up with a status of Disabled which is good enough since it no longer runs. Thenks

  28. I have ‘GOOGLE” as my home page.

    I did not have to do the changes you explained, very nicely, for “Internet Options.”

    My “BING” is more like a ‘toolbar’ across the top of my screen.

    Sometimes I am into something & “BING” will just pop-up, full screen, & ruin everything.

    How can I get rid of this “toolbar” effect.

    Thank you in advance, Katie

  29. I do not liekthe way MS is force feeding bing to me or anyone. I am doing everyhting I can to be rid of it. I may change to a different web browser here very soon. As for dennis parson above saying that he is not a fan of anything AMERICAN, if you are here you can get the hell out. If you need assistance on your quest to live in another country, go to bing, I am sure you can find a map there.

  30. i hate bing, i hate ie 8 and i dont like firefox, or safari so i want ie 7
    i have pre purchased windows 7 with my new laptop came free. i cant stand bing. it is msn and i hate msn yahoo and aol… i love google peroid and ie 7

    and no i dont want a mac

    fixing to try your suggestions i will update, bing can go to you know where

  31. Ever since BING hi-jacked my cmputer i doesn’t type all the lettes I type. It has totally dsabld my system and I’m pissed. I’m wasting preciou time on tephone with Staples suppo t rih now;time that I don’t F-ing have. I will never use or recomment BING to ANYONE, so there you go BING.

  32. I just used the system restore and the shit was gone.Then NEVER accept any windows updates.Or it’ll come back!

  33. I have just opened TOOLS and INTERNET OPTIONS and GENERAL and removed the msn details from the HOME PAGE BOX and selected BLANK and APPLY – so far so good but have not re-booted the system yet – fingers crossed – MSN should be ashamed of their underhanded practices to beat GOOGLE and take away our choices

  34. UPDATE – so far so good – no more annoying BING on my task bar (see entry 4th August 3.03am)

  35. I too have been hit with that horrid bing. I’m on IE6, my homepage is set to Yahoo’s Canadian Advanced Search page, and if I search for something from the address bar and it isn’t found, bing takes over. Doesn’t matter that I have placed bing.com in the blocked list (Always Block). I have the host file in …\drivers\etc\ and there’s nothing in it. I searched the registry and found nothing for bing.com. While I (and so many others) appreciate you providing all this great information on turfing bing, these solutions aren’t working for me.

    Does anyone else have any ideas what to do with IE6 and that dratted bing?

    Sincerely, truly, annoyed…

  36. What a bunch of maroons. What nincowpoops.
    Ve Vait for der chinees search machine to be safe. no uglier amerikans.

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